The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is organized geographically into four regions. The Mid-Atlantic region includes the management area (the trail and its environs) stretching from Rockfish Gap (at the south end of Shenandoah National Park) to the New York-Connecticut border. The regional office is located in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.
The MARPC is comprised of delegates (and alternates) from each maintaining club in the Mid-Atlantic region. The committee works in partnership with the ATC Regional Office, the Appalachian Trail Park Office, government partners, and other conservation organizations in the region.
The regional partnership committee enables PATC members to extend their volunteer activities and interests to issues that affect the trail on a regional basis. By joining forces with the MARPC partners, our club is able to benefit from improved communication, robust regional resources, and the strength of numbers.
Your representatives to the MARPC are responsible for managing and encouraging the dialogue between the PATC and its regional partners. This involves both bringing regional issues to club attention, and taking local concerns to the regional group. Club members are encouraged to stay abreast of MARPC activities via the links below, and to stay in touch with your committee representatives. Use the e-mail links below, or the PATC-MARPC Forum to share your opinions, concerns or suggestions.

MEETING UPDATE: November 10-12
The MARPC Fall '06 meeting was held over the Veterans Day weekend, at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center, near Cold Spring, New York. The meeting was well-attended, and included many local trail managers from the New York New Jersey Trail Conference. On Saturday afternoon, the group toured the Bear Mountain Project (pictured, left).
The minutes of the meeting, as well as various documents related to MARPC discussions are posted below.
The committee defined six areas of priority interest:
  • Trail Magic: guidance proposed by the ATC Stewardship Council to address potential problems with Trail Magic (unattended food, mass "feeds", etc.) ~
    PATC members are asked to read the Trail Magic paper (below) and offer criticisms and suggestions
  • Incursions: threats to the trail and trail corridor ~
    PATC members are asked to read the Schedule of Environmental Reviews (below) and suggest additions or corrections
  • Land Protection: viewshed and corridor protection efforts ~
    PATC members are asked to review the High Priority AT Conservation Focus (below), to suggest additional conservation projects and to help prioritize efforts
  • Trail Town Criteria: establishment of AT "Trail Towns", i.e. communities associated with the Appalachian Trail ~
    PATC members are asked to review the Gateway Community document, the Trail Towns Manual, Trail Towns Assessment (below), to help develop criteria for AT Trail Towns, and to suggest inclusion of specific communities
  • Trail to Every Classroom: ATPO-ATC parntership to develop service-learning initiatives in secondary schools ~
    PATC members are asked to review the Trail to Every Classroom evaluation (below), and to make suggestions concerning the program and the inclusion of specific school districts
  • AT Shelter and Campsite Guidance: guidance proposed by the ATC Stewardship Council, intended to develop trail-wide consistency in decision-making with regard to construction and maintenance of shelters and formal campsites ~
    PATC members are asked to review the AT Shelter and Campsite Guidance (below), and to offer suggestions and criticisms

FILES FOR REVIEW (click icon to download file)
draft minutes of MARPC meeting
(pending approval) [46KB]
Trail Magic paper
revised 10/30/06 [37KB]
Evaluation of "Trail to Every Classroom" 2006 [566KB] AT Shelter and Campsite guidance
review draft [143KB]
Annual 5-year Capital Planning Timeline [36KB] ATPO Scheduled Environmental Reviews (10/06) [185KB]
High Priority AT Conservation Focus Areas [166KB] Trail Towns Manual* [4.7MB]
Trail Towns Self-Assessment* [191KB] Gateway Community Readiness Factors [28KB]
* documents related to discussions at November MARPC meeting
but not specifically presented at the meeting


Appalachian Trail Conservancy
Bear Mountain Project
Trail University (Bear Mt Project Training Sessions)
Ramapo '07 (ATC Biennial Conference website)

PATC MARPC representative: Kerry Snow
PATC MARPC alternate: John Hedrick