• Cabin Rentals - Rent one of PATC's more than 30 cabins in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

  • Hikes - usually one day events ranging from 6 to 25 miles. Many hikes are held on the weekends, but some are also scheduled during the week by PATC hiking sub-groups, such as the "In-Betweeners" and "Mid-Week Hikers".

  • Excursions - usually overnight or extended backpacking trips. These are usually to prime areas within 6-hours of Washington, D.C., however some excursions occur much farther afield, such as New England, China, England, Germany, etc.

  • Worktrips - usually one day events, but can also be overnight events staying in one of PATC's cabins. Worktrips can include work on cabins, shelters, the Appalachian Trail corridor, or any of PATC's trails. No work skills are required, and there are frequently many different tasks available at a variety of physical levels.

  • Classes - PATC's Trail Patrol conducts regular classes on Backpacking; Leave No Trace outdoor ethics; and training for Hike Leaders. All classes are open to club members and the general public. Check out Trail Patrol's web pages for more information about the group.

  • Events - PATC's Trail Patrol coordinates and participates in a variety of events that promote the safe and responsible enjoyment of the natural world, including an annual celebration of National Trails Day.

You can find a current listing of all club trips and other scheduled activities for the month at the Forecast page or in the club's monthly newsletter, the Potomac Appalachian.

You can also find out about activities scheduled for the upcoming week by calling the PATC Activities Information Line at 703-242-0965. The voice line frequently includes additional trips that were scheduled at the last minute, but missed the newsletter and Web page deadlines.

Membership is not required to join us on ANY of our trips. In fact, we welcome newcomers, and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you're the shy type and would like to have specific questions answered before you go out on a trip, please feel free to email the trip leader listed for the activity or send an email to info@patc.net.